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Kids age 1-3 years old


Mon - Wed
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09.00 - 10.00
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table
Time Table


  • The curriculum at this stage is designed to promote healthy study habits among the learners. Apart from the essential emphasis on the 4R’s (namely-reading, writing, recitation & arithmetic) students also develop skills of discovery, observation, classification, collection, drawing, inferences and the like.
  • Subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental studies, Computers and Value Education are part of our daily class time-table. The environment is conducive for learning in a naturalistic and exploratory way.
  • Participation in co-curricular activities are encouraged and given weight-age, to ensure overall development. The school follows a “life centered curriculum” where we stress not only on knowledge for its own sake but intrinsic value for an enhanced insight into the nature of thing and knowledge.
  • Our curriculum focuses on developing a positive attitude towards learning and studies among pupils. It is comprehensive, balanced and research based, yet, sensitive to changes in educational trends.