The Purpose of the Committee is to provide a mechanism to students of the school to raise their grievances and to provide redressal for the same so that they have smooth tenure at the school from the day of admission till they leave school. Any aggrieved student may make an application to the Principal at the Grievance Redressal Cell seeking redressal of grievance. The Grievance Redressal Cell shall receive the complaint and the Committee shall fix a date for hearing the complaint and communicate its decision within three days of receipt of complaint. The Grievance Redressal Committee shall ensure disposal of every application as speedily as possible. In case of false or frivolous complaint, the Committee may take appropriate action against the complainant. It ensures :-

  • To provide an enabling environment for children’s personal, physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual development.
  • To encourage and respect other employee’s and children voices and views.
  • To be inclusive and involve all children without selection or exclusion on the basis of gender, disability, enthnicity, religion or any other status.
  • Be aware of the potential for peer abise( example: children bullying, discriminating against, victimizing or abusing children).
  • To develop special measures / supervision to protect younger and especially vulnerable children from peer and adult abuse.
  • To make oneself aware and educated on the laws, rules and guidelines related to child protection as amended from time to time.


1 Sujay Mehta (Chairman)
2 Mangesh Jadhav (Member)
3 Nida Rakhange (Member)
4 Nidhi Prabhu (Member)
5 Riyaz Shaikh (Member)
6 Minal Kshirsagar (Member)


Grievance/ Redressal Officer

1) Mr.Shivaji Bangar    –   Mobile No. 8007666267

Posco Committee

A “Posco” committee consisting of following member has been constituted for ensuring a safe, secure and supporting environment for students who are the prime responsibility of school.

No Name Designation
1 Mr. Sujay Mehta Chairman
2 Mr. Munir Sarguroh Member
3 Mrs. Surekha Nagargoje Member
4 Mrs. Renuka Lohar Member
5 Mrs. Neha Jain Member


Sexual Harassment Committee

No Name Designation
1 Mr. Sujay Mehta Chairman
2 Mr. Fazal Rakhange Member
3 Mrs. Gomati Amrute Member
4 Mrs. Sampada Dandekar Member
5 Mrs. Madhurani Jadhav Member